Welcome to Centre Placet, an international house for UCLouvain students from partner countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation
Following the new sanitary measures that were decreed by the Belgian federal government and UCLouvain against COVID-19, our activities are adapted within the Centre. From Monday 19 October 2020, the rental of the main hall is temporarily suspended. The members of the staff team will divide its time between teleworking and face-to-face work and will no longer receive anyone without an appointment. Thank you for your understanding and take care of yourself 😘
Brewing workshop @ Centre Placet  🍻
Wednesday 19 May 2021 from 10 AM to 5 PM (outdoor event)

Join us in the square of Centre Placet to learn how to brew a real Belgian beer 🇧🇪   with an experienced brewer in a friendly and convivial atmosphere.
Discover the different products 🌾  that are used in the manufacture of different Belgian beers. The brewer are will be available to answer your questions and provide advice for building a micro-brewery.

For any further information, please contact David Amram or Baptiste Mertens (free event).
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Tel : 0479/487292

Picture : David Amram
Africa Vision 2021, 11 May 2021 at 7:00 pm online !

Relationships of domination permeate our society at all levels. Would artistic creation 🖍 be an effective way to deconstruct them ?

The Black Lives Matter movement  ✊🏾 has rekindled a spirit of revolt within many artists, whether expressing themselves through comics, sculpture, cinema, rap, slam... Historical struggles have gained visibility. Can artistic expressions be agents of political and social change? Do creations have a transformative power over the world, negrophobic stereotypes and relations of domination ?

We will ask ourselves these questions through the film 🎬 « On a le temps pour nous » (We have time for ourselves) by Katy Lane Ndiaye (https://vimeo.com/335437116) and the work of Joy Slam (https://www.joyslampoesie.com) who will be present for this evening !

We are also offering an aperitif kit 🥂 to be picked up at the Centre Placet (drink + samoussa) - The number of kits is limited, please do not delay to register !

Reservation form (before 7 may 2021 for the Apero Kit) : https://forms.gle/3btz1JDTouq6AUkD6

Programme of the evening

7:00 pm: Welcome & Aperitif

7:30 pm : Introduction

7:45 pm : « On a le temps pour nous » (We have time for ourselves)
Animation & exchanges about the film
Please note that the film must be watched before the evening

8:30 pm : Regards croisés Joy Slam and the Association of Congolese students Bomoko

With the support of Afrika Film Festival of Leuven & Association of Congolese students Bomoko 
Graphic design & illustration : Hugues Pietquin

Context of the project

At the time of Covid, Belgian citizens are called to discover the South (31 DGD countries) with and from Centre Placet. The wait has been long and the isolation has affected everyone especially members of Centre Placet (Placetians) and international students who are far from their families. Besides, there are the Belgian citizens; also cut off from the interactions that used to make up their days, either through family gatherings, meetings with friends, visits to museums, libraries, trips to discover other horizons, etc. A completely human and socio-cultural upheaval.

The new community aims to break the isolation suffered by the two groups, by promoting the discovery of the South (for Belgian citizens) without paying a single plane ticket. Moreover, for our residents, in addition to new acquaintances, there will be an extension of their contact book in the North. Centre Placet wants them to be reassured that their work will be of high quality in terms of spelling and even in terms of content for some (in the case of a duo with the same scientific profiles, the same faculty/discipline).


Objectives of the action/Community duo for N&S

Behind the classic review of dissertations/theses, a kind of mix between young and senior researchers, for more intercultural and intergenerational relations reinforcing the world citizenship in LLN’s Town.

Apart from the current review service of dissertations/theses/articles, there is a new vision of creating a mix between young and senior researchers, for more intercultural and intergenerational relations reinforcing the world citizenship in LLN’s Town.

OBJ1: To break the isolation caused by a year of lockdown and restrictions on meetings/travel.
Centre Placet ensures that each pair really benefits from meeting the other, in strict compliance with an agenda and exchange grid established in common agreement with the parties

OBJ2: To create more intercultural and intergenerational links around the international hostel of UCLouvain, with the aim of making it an international house and a centre for interculturality.
In addition to these tandem meetings, Centre Placet will make sure that the members take full advantage of other moments/actions and animations of the hostel, through at least two gatherings per year and around a collective agenda. The exchange of experiences will be emphasised (self-evaluation).

OBJ3: To share knowledge and services via guided scientific mutual aid, via the reading of works, in connection with the interest and the field of competence of the citizen Tandems.

OBJ4: To extend this project to other actions of Centre Placet and exporting it to other HE of LLN

Information and registration : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo credits : Benjamin Zwarts (UCLouvain)


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