Welcome to Centre Placet, an international house for UCLouvain students from partner countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation

Multiple identities and commitment

In a mixed and multicultural world, this group brings together participants who wish to exchange their experiences and set up actions to raise the awareness of a wide public around research and the construction of individual identity. The activities are chosen and carried out freely by the group and can take the form of exhibitions, film screenings or reading of texts during evening events.


Know Placet and its missions with the director in a few minutes (in French - video made by TVCOM, local television in Belgium)



Interfaith dialogue

In order to question and act for a better living together in the town of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, a group of participants of all faiths meets several times a year with different actors active on the site (Interfaith Group or Kot-é-Sens, for example). In this context, various activities are organized, such as a "diversity walk" or workshops to create playlets for a forum theatre.


Collective and Citizen actions

Centre Placet organizes, on request, various workshops for reflection and awareness raising for people who wish to carry out collective citizen and solidarity actions aimed at combating societal and/or economic injustices.


Well-being and food choices

These workshops offer the beneficiaries of the solidarity grocery and food parcel distribution to learn how to cook the products on offer in a healthy way. Activities related to well-being and the preparation of organic household products are also the subject of workshops.

For the beneficiaries of food aid from the Centre Placet

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