Centre Placet ASBL - Rue des Sports 2, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

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Welcome to Centre Placet, the international hostel of UCLouvain and a place for intercultural exchange.

As part of our intercultural activities, which aim to bring together international students, professors, university students, as well as any public interested in societal issues, we organise North-South / South-South Exchange Workshops throughout the academic year.

The North-South / South-South Exchange Workshops, organised by the Centre Placet, highlight the expertise of an international student or doctoral student who presents a subject on which he or she is working. During these evenings, we also invite external speakers who offer a different perspective on the topic. This is an opportunity to enrich each other and to cross "North" and "South" perspectives on social issues.

These meetings are streamed and broadcast on our networks, via our YouTube channel and our page Facebook page.
It is possible to follow the meeting and interact with it from home, and even from abroad.

Are you a student or a doctoral student and would you like to lead a North-South/South-South exchange workshop ?
You are an expert in a field of interest to the general public and would like to co-facilitate a workshop ?
Would you like to be kept informed of future events of this type ?

Referring person : Déborah La Monica, support and project coordination at Centre Placet
Open to the public. Free admission.

Click on a poster to view a workshop on YouTube : the videos are available in French with subtitles.