Welcome to Centre Placet, an international house for UCLouvain students from partner countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation


Cameroonian evening in 2021

First welcome

A first reception area is set up in our premises. As soon as they arrive in Belgium, students can obtain useful information and advice about their new place in Louvain-la-Neuve. Students are thus directed towards shops, services and partner associations, according to their needs. They are also informed of the conditions linked to the accommodation provided in the Hocaille district (installation, regulations and technical permanence) and the advantages of a stay at Placet.

Correction of academic works (Duo for Knowledge)

A correction service for academic Works is available thanks to a network of volunteers who want to help international students whose mother tongue is not French. The work carried out consists of a meticulous analysis of texts in order to identify spelling, grammatical and syntactic errors without changing the content.

Spending Christmas or New Year’s Eve with a family

During the festive season, families from the city and the surrounding area offer international students who wish to do so, the opportunity to share a meal and a moment of conviviality. This activity, carried out in collaboration with the Association des Habitants de Louvain-la-Neuve, offers students the opportunity to discover the way of life of a family living in Belgium and to meet new people. Registration is compulsory before mid-December.

Pair project (Métis community)

The Métis community is a project promoting inclusion, between international and Belgian students in Louvain-la-Neuve, around collective activities. Match-up evening at the beginning of the academic year for the creation of pairs (with mid-term evaluation moments and a closing in June).

North/South and South/South exchange workshops

The North/South and South/South exchange workshops offer UCLouvain students from developing countries the opportunity to present a development issue to a wide audience. The workshop is followed by exchanges between the speaker and the audience. Under certain conditions, this activity allows doctoral students to obtain study credits. Admission to these workshops is free.

All public. The speakers are international students registered at UCLouvain.


Brewery workshop in 2021

Easy and cheap cooking

Two cooking workshops are organised to teach students how to make easy and economical recipes based on local and seasonal products. The workshops end with a tasting of the prepared dishes. They are limited to 15 participants.


Social and cultural codes in Belgium: instructions for use

The workshops aim to provide keys to facilitate integration into the life of Louvain-la-Neuve and facilitate relations with the local population. The training is based on concrete examples and allows for an exchange on the students’ contacts and relational experiences with the Belgian population.


Preparing and structuring an oral presentation

The workshop aims to learn how to structure an oral presentation on a scientific subject using the “mind mapping” technique. The workshop is limited to 15 participants. Priority is given to students who engage in a presentation within the framework of a North/South and South/South exchange workshop.


Successful oral presentation with slide show

The workshop aims to learn how to use PowerPoint software to accompany oral presentations. The workshop is limited to 15 participants. Priority is given to students who engage in a presentation within the framework of a North/South and South/South exchange workshop.



Welcome dinner in 2020

Welcome dinner

In order to allow former and new residents of Centre Placet to meet and network, a dinner is organised in the main hall of Centre Placet shortly after the start of the academic year.

Christmas dinner

At the end of the first quarter, a Christmas dinner is organised for all Placet residents. This meal is intended to be a moment of relaxation and reunion to relax and strengthen the bonds of community life, before the arrival of the blockade.

Intercultural Day

To celebrate the end of the academic year, an intercultural day brings together Placet residents, staff members, neighbours and Placet supporters. This warm moment of celebration in the open air is a great opportunity to congratulate the students for their success, to say goodbye to the starters and to encourage those who are having a second session.


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